Commodity & Currency

Course Description

This course provide a comprehensive understanding of Commodity and Currency trading which can bring a diverse exposure for your investment. As commodity and currency have very little or negative correlation with other asset classes, adding these with your existing portfolio helps you increasing returns while lowering risk.

The first part of this program explains step-by-step techniques to trade in commodities like Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude traded in India and world’s major commodity exchange. After completing this program you’ll develop a sound understanding of common terminologies, market participants, commodity future contract, factors affecting commodity prices and hedging & trading to take better investment decision.

The second part of this program covers currency market which is one of the most exciting, fast-paced markets in the financial world. A currency trader basically looking two currencies in a pair and comparing their values with one another to facilitate buy & sell accordingly. It starts with the basics and advances to the concepts like reference rates, cross currency conversion, pips, factors affecting currency market, currency derivative contracts etc. Currency trading is a highly leveraged market which gives traders the opportunities to achieve dramatic results with far less capital than necessary for other markets.

Conducted By

Arijit Banerjee,
SEBI Registered Research Analyst INH300006582

Topics Covered

Commodity Market :

  • Global & Indian Commodity Market
  • Commodities Fundamentals
  • Precious metals (Gold and Silver)
  • Base Metals (Copper, Zinc, Lead and Nickel)
  • Economic data releases & it’s impact
  • Commodity Trading Strategies
    (Jobbing, Spread trading and Pair trading)


Currency Trading :

  • Historical Overview
  • Global and Indian Forex Market
  • Currency Pair
  • Reference Rates and Currency Conversion Rates
  • Factors affecting INR Movement
  • Impact of Economic Data on currency market
  • Currency Hedging Strategies
  • Contract Specifications, Clearing,
    Settlement and Cost of Trade
  • The USDINR Pair and Cross Currency-INR Pair
  • Cross Currency Pair Trading in India

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