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Course Description

The key to become a successful trader lies in thoroughly understanding of trading products and the risks associated with it. Fund managers often use derivative like options to hedge their investment position. Options are wonderful products which every trader should use for the following benefits:

  • Option buyers enjoy unlimited profits and limited risks
  • Buying options require very small amount of capital
  • Taking advantage of Up, Down or Sideways market.
  • Potential to deliver higher percentage of returns than any other financial instrument

This course covers a wide range of knowledge like right strike selection, volatility analysis, Calendar spread, Option Greeks along with different option strategies and their risk reward profiles. After completion this course, the participants can achieve dramatic results with small amount of capital outlay.

Conducted By

Arijit Banerjee,
SEBI Registered Research Analyst INH300006582

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Options
  • Types of Options: Call & Put
  • Conditions for Buying / Selling Call
  • Conditions for Buying / Selling Put
  • Option Premium and Moneyness
  • Put-Call Parity and Option Arbitrage
  • Open Interest and Implied Volatility
  • Option Pricing Model: Black Scholes Theory
  • Option Greeks:
    Delta, Gamma, Vega and Theta
  • Option Trading Strategies:
    Straddles, Strangle, Butterfly, and Condor
  • Calendar Spreads
  • Advanced Trading Strategies:
    Gamma Scalping, Radio Spread, Synthetic Long
  • Risk Management:
    Calculating Risk and Span Margin
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of a Portfolio

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