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Swing Trading + Investment

•  top 5-6 trading advice / month
•  trade holding period 1-3 weeks
•  top 14-16 investment advice / year
•  investment holding period 1-3 years
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6 months     ₹ 44000     40% OFF     ₹26,900
12 months   ₹ 88000     55% OFF     ₹39,900


Months are referred as calendar months
e.g. Jan 12, 2020 — April 12, 2020 (3 Months)

The only way to success in stock market is to maximize the probability. Rise above “average” through a mix of momentum trading, mean reversion trading and value investment ideas. These ideas are based on Technical and Fundamental research. Our goal is to help you in choosing the right stock at the right time.

We put our best efforts in Ultra. Enjoy unrivalled analysis and actionable insights that lie behind market maze and specially reserved for Institutional investors, Portfolio managers, Hedge fund advisers. Become an Ultra member you’ll get access to all the smartest ideas and premium benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Ultra Swing Trading Benefits

Ultra Investment Advice Benefits

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