Ultra COMBO Advice –
Swing Trading + Investment

•  top 9-10 trading advice / month
•  trade holding period 1-2 weeks
•  top 14-16 investment advice / year
•  investment holding period 6-18 months
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6 months        ₹ 50000     40% OFF     ₹29,900
12 months   ₹ 100000     55% OFF     ₹44,900

* Months are referred as calendar months
e.g. 24 April — 24 October (6 Months)


The only way to success in stock market is to maximize the probability. Rise above “average” through a mix of momentum trading, mean reversion trading and value investment ideas. These ideas are based on Technical and Fundamental research. Our goal is to help you in choosing the right stock at the right time.

We put our best efforts in Ultra. Enjoy unrivalled analysis and actionable insights that lie behind market maze and specially reserved for Institutional investors, Portfolio managers, Hedge fund advisers. Become an Ultra member you’ll get access to all the smartest ideas and premium benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Ultra Swing Trading Benefits

Ultra Investment Advice Benefits

How to receive our advice?

Feel free to Contact Us for any query or explanation.

What makes us different?

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⭕️ Do you offer free trial?
Goodluck Capital does not offer any free trial, but you can still sign up for 3 months minimum subscription plan and take advantage of our Ultra swing trading calls. We post free recommendations on our social media page frequently. Please like and follow them to get such updates.

⭕️ How to subscribe your services?
To get our Swing Trading tips and Investment advice, simply subscribe to our website in 3 easy steps.

  1. Choose your subscription plan and proceed to checkout.
  2. Fill the billing details with your email id and phone number
  3. Pay via secured payment gateway through Net Banking / Credit or Debit Card / Wallet. You can also select Direct Bank Transfer to pay the subscription fees.

Alternatively, you can transfer the subscription fees, and we’ll create a subscription for you. Kindly share your name and payment details to our WhatsApp +91-9477838855 or mail us subscribe@goodluckcapital.com

⭕️ How to receive your advice?
You will receive our trading and investment advice via WhatsApp and Email, and the detailed report can be accessed on our website via login. You’ll receive such notifications before market openings, generally between 7:00 am to 8:00 am. All the follow-ups for active trading and investment advice, you will be notified via WhatsApp.

⭕️ Do you accept direct bank transfer?
Yes. You can send the subscription fees directly to our bank account. Kindly share your name and payment details to our WhatsApp +91-9477838855 or mail us subscribe@goodluckcapital.com.

Direct Bank Transfer Details
Bank Name
State Bank of India
Account Title Goodluck Capital
Account Type Current
Account Number 38774279230
IFSC Code SBIN0001797

⭕️ I am unable to activate subscription on your website. What should I do?
No worries. We’ll create the subscription for you. Kindly share your name, phone number, email ID and payment details to our WhatsApp +91-9477838855 or mail us subscribe@goodluckcapital.com

⭕️ I am not living in India. Can I still become a member?
Yes, you can become an Ultra member from anywhere in the world. Change the currency from INR to USD to check the pricing details. During checkout, select PayPal through which international payment can be done.

⭕️ How do I get an invoice for my subscription?
Once your subscription(s) is active, you will get the invoice to your registered email id. Alternatively, you can check your subscription status by visiting your online portal https://goodluckcapital.com/my-account/subscriptions/

⭕️ How much time it will take to activate the subscription? 
Once we receive the payment confirmation, your subscription will be activated instantly.

⭕️ Are there any discounts? 
Discounts are already applied on your subscription.

⭕️ Can I start subscription from mid-month?
Yes, you can. Subscription months are referred to as calendar months. For example, if you start your 3 months subscription on 12th January, it will end on 12th April. If a yearly subscription is started on 28th September, it will be ended on the next year 28th September.

⭕️ What kind of trading calls do you give? 
All trading calls are positional only and buy and Hold in nature.
● Short term trading calls (2-4 weeks)
● Medium term trading calls (4-8 weeks)
Short term and medium-term tradings are more profitable than intraday as the risk is relatively low, and traders with alternative jobs can trade easily. It is best suited for those who have other jobs or businesses and have no time to glue to the trading screen all over the day.

⭕️ What kind of investment calls do you give?
● Short term investment advice (6-8 months)
● Medium term investment advice (12-18 months)

⭕️ How many trading calls do you give? 
Generally, 5-6 top trading ideas in a month, exclusive picks by our experts. Following our positional trading calls are less time-intensive and doesn’t require long hours of concentration sitting in front of the trading screen. As we send fresh trading recommendations before market openings (generally between 7:00 am to 8:00 am), you don’t need to check frequently if any new recommendations come during market hours.

⭕️ How many investment calls do you give?
Top 15-16 investment advice in a year, exclusive picks by our experts.

⭕️ How much capital do I need to trade with Ultra Swing Trading Advice? 
1 Lakh capital is good to start trading with Ultra swing trading advice. Though, you can start swing trading with any amount of money in the Indian share market. Percentage returns shouldn’t vary whether you are trading fifty thousand or fifty hundred thousand.

⭕️ How do you select stocks in Ultra Swing Trading Advice? 
We use price action trading, advanced algorithms and a set of proprietary indicators to identify advantageous entry and exit points for trades. There are other short-term trading strategies involved to generate low-risk high return positional stock recommendations.
• Momentum trading strategy involves a ride on a trend to capitalize on the price rising or falling.
• Range trading strategy which is useful for rangebound or consolidated market.
• Breakout trading strategy to find out range breakout or crucial support resistance breakout.
• Mean reversal trading strategy to identify the potential trading opportunity during a trend reversal.

⭕️ How do you select stocks in Ultra Investment Trading Advice?
We select fundamentally strong undervalued stock with resilient business model and great future outlook. Along with that, we integrate advanced technical analysis for precise entry, which ensures low downside risk. Such rigorous selection techniques eliminate any significant drawdown for your portfolio. Hence, you enjoy a great margin of safety and have full confidence to deploy large investment amount for the recommended stocks.

⭕️ Which segments do you cover in Trading & Investment advice? Large Cap, Mid Cap or Small Cap stocks? 
We prefer stocks with good liquidity and don’t have any bias or preference. As and when an opportunity arises, calls will be given irrespective of the segment. We never recommend any penny stocks in our advisory services.

⭕️ Do you offer Intraday trading advice? 
No, we don’t offer any intraday trading advice. We believe in wealth creation, not in the get-rich-quick intraday adventure. It’s easy to become tempted by the idea of turning quick profits in the stock market. Intraday trading is such a journey that makes nearly no one rich – in fact, many people are more likely to lose money.

⭕️ Do you cover cash or F&O stocks? 
We cover cash only. But you can trade them in F&O if you like to, as most of the recommended stocks belong in F&O segment. Note: The risk of trading in F&O can be substantial and each trader must consider whether this is a suitable strategy for him/her.

⭕️ I have a specific questions or doubts on certain stocks or my portfolio holdings. Can I get your expert view on those? 
Separate charges of Rs 750/- per stock will be applicable for any stocks outside our recommendations. You can transfer the payment via PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe to our registered number +91-9477 83 8855 or UPI 9477838855@paytm.

⭕️ How should I decide which product will suit me the best?
Both our short term trading and long term investment advice are designed in such a way so that you need minimal time and efforts to remain active in the stock market. If you need any personalised guidance, feel free to call +91-9477 83 8855 or drop us an email at contact@goodluckcapital.com.

⭕️ What if I don’t want to become a member? Can I still access Goodluck Capital analysis for free?
We put our best efforts in premium segment Ultra, which are exclusively reserved for Ultra members only. You won’t get them without subscription. Our free analysis and advice are available on our social media page. Please like and follow to get such updates.

⭕️ What is the minimum subscription period for Swing Trading Calls?
Ultra Swing Trading Advice have minimum 3 months subscription period due to their nature of analysis and recommendations given. These trading ideas are short to medium-term in nature.

⭕️ What is the minimum subscription period for Ultra Investment Advice?
Ultra Investment Advice have minimum 6 months subscription period. These investment ideas are short to medium term (6 months – 18 months) in nature.

⭕️ I have paid for a membership, but did not create an account. What should I do? 
To claim your membership, please reach us at subscribe@goodluckcapital.com. Kindly mention your name, phone number and email ID you like to register with your subscription.

⭕️ Subscription and Product Delivery? 
You can access the subscriptions and our given recommendations at any time by logging in to My Account online portal: https://goodluckcapital.com/my-account/

⭕️ I need both of your Swing Trading and Investment Advice. How to subscribe them? 
To get all of our recommendations, check all in one Swing Trading and Investment pack - Ultra Combo Advice.

⭕️ What is the refund Policy?
No refunds will be paid on any subscriptions that have already been taken or remaining subscription period. Please read the terms and conditions before subscribing our services.

⭕️ Can I share my products and services with others? 
Products and services are for your personal use only. Distribution to others, even within an organization, is not permitted.

⭕️ Can I upgrade the existing plan in between? 
Yes, at any time you can upgrade the subscription plan.

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