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taking the expert opinion matter

Each month, over a hundred professionals trust us to help them make better trading decisions.


We put our best efforts in Ultra.
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  • Energy
  • Bullions
  • Base Metals

Equity Advice

3 Months / 6 Months / 1 Year
7990 for 3 months*
  • * referred calendar months here
    e.g. Jan 20, 2020 — April 20, 2020

  • average 5-6 trades/ month
  • indian stocks + major index
  • short to medium term trade


  • Forex
  • Currency
  • Cryptocurrency

We believe in wealth creation, not get-rich-quick intraday adventure. Become a Premium member you’ll get ultimate access to the smartest ideas you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a sample of the diverse thinking you can expect:


In-depth technical report, new trading ideas and investment selection by the finest team of market experts - an outcome of years of trading experience and hours of research.


Enjoy unrivalled analysis and actionable insights that lie behind market maze and specially reserved for Institutional investors, Portfolio managers, Hedge fund advisers.


All-in-one My account management, flexible subscription tenures, pay through secured payment gateway, exclusive offers, special renewal discounts and many more.

Who WE Are

Our vision and approach to the market is different from other advisors. We are passionate and we are independent. And if any matters bring money to you, we cover it – and cover it well.

A unique perspective

With clarity, we distill to find the next profitable opportunity and most importantly guide you to limit your losses. Our objectivity of research, originality of insight and proficiency of market knowledge set us apart from other research analysts.

The 3 Principles

We have 3 beliefs and we follow them:
1. Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.
2. We believe in trend and also believe that one day does not make a trend.
3. Trade well. Not trade often. Sometimes the best trade is no trade.

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