Ultra Swing Trading Advice India

•  top 5-6 trading advice / month
•  trade holding period 1-3 weeks
•  average profit 9-10% per trade
•  risk reward ratio from 1:2 to 1:5
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3 months       ₹ 9000     22% OFF      ₹6,900
6 months     ₹ 18000     33% OFF     ₹11,900
12 months   ₹ 36000     44% OFF     ₹19,900

* Months are referred as calendar months
e.g. 12 January — 12 April (3 Months)


Months are referred as calendar months
e.g. 12 January 2020 — 12 April 2020 (3 Months)

Ultra Swing Trading Benefits

Complementary access to our Long-term Investment research and Multibaggers selection!
Applicable to Ultra Equity Advice - 12 Months only.


Enjoy all the PREMIUM Benefits in our 2 in 1 subscription.

6 Months Combo

Trading + Investment

   40% OFF   

26,900 ₹44,000

12 Months Combo

Trading + Investment

   55% OFF   

39,900 ₹88,000

How to receive our advice?

Feel free to Contact Us for any query or explanation.

What makes us different?

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Absolutely top shelf. Concise market research, greatest range of positions for short term momentum trades. These guys give suggestions on stocks that are moving (some of them very quickly) and allowed me to recognize profits in the 20-25% range on many trades. A great service not only for short term trades but also for learning about investing. Very solid!
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First, I like that they only post their high-conviction ideas in Ultra, as opposed to other trading advisory services which will pump out several a day, some work, some don't. Second, Extremely high win rate: I browse a lot of past articles/trading ideas and then opened up the relevant charts to see whether they worked or didn't. That gave me the confidence to go with the next swing trading stocks that came along.
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This is probably the best service for short and medium term traders available in my knowledge and filled with practical trading information including entry/exit points for stocks, commodities and basic covered-call writing. They put out well argued plays with excellent success ratio.
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Arijit's research and understandings are totally in point and he has my attention now...so like Gordon Gekko said to Bud Fox, "The most valuable commodity I know of, is information." Looking forward to more of your positional trading tips and longer term investing! Thanks.
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Ultra is very useful for everyone who is seeking good balance between investment and trading techniques. Clear about rationale behind picks and recommendations. They follow a simple strategy with their recommendations of setting trailing stops to limit losses, and reasonable exit points to lock in profits, which is guidance I've found very helpful, as it has protected me from major losses.

3 months, 6 months, 12 months

Do you offer Trial?

Answer: No. We don't offer trial.

Do you provide intraday advice?

Answer: No intraday, Only positional.