⭐️ Ultra Equity Advice

•  average 5-6 trades/ month
•  cover stocks + major index
•  high accuracy, massive profit
•  at least 1:2 Risk Reward ratio
and many more…
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From: 7990 for 3 months

3 months6 months12 months

Months are referred as calendar months
e.g. Jan 12, 2020 — April 12, 2020 (3 Months)

The only way to success in stock market is to maximize the probability. Rise above “average” through a mix of long-short momentum trading and value-investment ideas. These ideas are based on Technical and Fundamental research. Our goal is to help you in choosing the right stock at the right time.

We put our best efforts in Ultra. Become an Ultra member you’ll get access to the smartest ideas and premium benefits you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Actionable long – short positional trading advice for alpha generation or further diversification.
  • Cover all BSE & NSE stocks with Major Index (NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, NIFTY IT).
  • Generally 5-6 top trading ideas in a month, exclusive picks by our experts.
  • Among them, 3-4 stocks will be in F&O segment given delivery basis.
    The minimum gain/loss will be Rs. 7000 ~ Rs. 10000/- per lot in that stock (buying or selling side).
  • Having maximum holding period of 10-20 days for each trading stock.
  • High win rate 70%-80%.
  • Risk-Reward ratio ranges from 1:2 to 1:5.
  • Occasional high reward/low risk option trading ideas for event trades.
  • In-depth research and detailed explanation for every recommendation.
  • Precise Entry, Target and StopLoss.
  • Revised targets and StopLoss to continue/exit position earlier/beyond target zone or to limit further downside risk.
  • Multi target based research.
  • Sent before Market openings.

Complementary access to our Long-term Investment research and Multibaggers selection!
Applicable to Ultra Equity Advice - 12 Months only.

Thanks for your interest.
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What makes Us different?

  1. Unlike many advisors, we don’t select a random stock by throwing dirt in thin air.
    Our ideas are based on extensive research and years of trading experience.
  2. There are no secrets. We are transparent to showcase our work.
    Detailed explanations are provided for every stock we suggest you.
  3. Our plans are straight, simple and cover all your needs.
    We don’t confuse you by discriminating multiple subscription plans for the same segment.
  4. We are not going to run away. We value your hard earned money entrusted to us for subscription.
    So, we are committed to deliver you the best and retain you as a lifelong subscriber.

Feel free to Contact Us for any query or explanation.

⭐️ Ultra Equity Advice

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Absolutely top shelf. Concise market research, greatest range of positions for short-term, momentum trades. These guys give suggestions on stocks that are moving (some of them very quickly) and allowed me to recognize profits in the 20-25% range on many trades. A great service not only for quick swing trades but also for learning about investing. Very solid!
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First, I like that they only post their high-conviction ideas in Ultra, as opposed to trading advisory services which will pump out several a day, some work, some don't. Second, Extremely high win rate: I browse a lot of past articles/ideas and then opened up the relevant charts to see whether they worked or didn't. That gave me the confidence to go with the next idea that came along.
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This is probably the best service for short and medium term traders available in my knowledge and filled with practical trading information including entry/exit points for stocks, commodities and basic covered-call writing. They put out well argued plays with excellent success ratio.
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Arijit's research and understandings are totally in point and he has my attention now...so like Gordon Gekko said to Bud Fox, "The most valuable commodity I know of, is information." Looking forward to more of your ideas both short term trading and longer term investing! Thanks.
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Ultra is very useful for everyone who is seeking good balance between investment and trading techniques. Clear about rationale behind picks and recommendations. They follow a simple strategy with their recommendations of setting trailing stops to limit losses, and reasonable exit points to lock in profits, which is guidance I've found very helpful, as it has protected me from major losses.
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